Section B: Daguerreotype and Talbotype; Early Photographic Artists in Brighton (1851-1854)




St Nicholas' Church (c1850). A daguerreotype by George Ruff senior

Before the arrival of Meurant in 1852, there is no record of any professional portrait photographers in Brighton who could compete against William Constable. However, there is evidence that there were other "photographic artists" making daguerreotypes and early photographic views of Brighton between 1850 and 1852. George Ruff, described as a 24 year old "painter in oil and watercolour" in the 1851 Census, was using daguerreotype apparatus to capture local views and buildings around this time. George Ruff, who painted landscapes and marine scenes, made a daguerreotype of Brighton's St Nicholas Church around 1850 and it is likely he made other daguerreotypes, either as an aid to his landscape painting or as 'works of art' in their own right. Edward Fox junior, who specialised in landscape photography, was the son of a London born waterolour artist who had settled in Brighton around 1820. Edward Fox junior, also described himself as an artist and in the 1850s he earned his living as a decorative painter and designer. By the early 1860s, Fox was advertising his landscape photography and in his later advertisements mentions that he had "given his whole attention to Out-door Photography since 1851." Edward Fox was based at 44 Market Street and a photograph believed to date from around 1851 shows the neighbouring shops at Nos 42 and 43 Market Street.


Numbers 42 and 43 Market Street, Brighton (c1851). The photographer is not named, but Edward Fox junior, lived at 44 Market Street and was taking photographic views of Brighton as early as 1851.

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