History of Yalding

Subject Matter Information Sheets
1. Yalding Village in 1336 Village of Yalding
Yalding in 1336
Medieval Houses
2. Yalding and the Feudal System Yalding in 1336
Rent and Taxes
Feudal Services
Manor Court
3. Details of your parents Family Details
4. Problems of bad harvests Yalding in 1336
The Farming Year
Weather and Harvest
5. The war with France The Hundred Years' War
6. The new lord of the manor Earl of Stafford
7. The pestilence Disease in the 14th Century
Yalding Church
8. Restrictions on wages Statute of Labourers Act
9. Death of your parents Family Details
10. Visit of John Ball John Ball
11. The Poll Tax Taxation in the 14th Century
12. The Peasants Revolt Rebellion
Peasants' Revolt Chronology
Death of Wat Tyler
Punishment of the Peasants
13. The end of the feudal system Decline of Feudalism