Village Officials

Every year the people of Yalding elected village officials. Nearly all these posts were given to the people who rented the most land. In most villages women were not allowed to become village officials. However, in some villages, women were elected to these posts. If the village officials did not do a very good job they were fined by the Manor Court.

Estate Bailiff: The chief representative of Hugh de Audley in Yalding.

Reeve: The officer responsible for the general management of the village. The reeve works under the estate bailiff and is responsible for making sure the serfs do their labour service on the lord's demesne.

Messor: The officer who supervises the work in the fields.

Hayward: The officer responsible for the hay fields.

Woodward: The officer responsible for the 16 acres of woodland in Yalding.

Affeeror: The officer responsible for making sure that people pay the fines imposed by the Manor Court.

Ale Conner: The officer responsible for controlling the sale of ale. Only people with a licence granted by the Manor Court can sell ale in Yalding.

Pinder: The officer responsible for rounding up stray animals and putting them in the pinfold.

Tithing Leader: The head of one of the peace-keeping groups in the village.

Beadle: The officer responsible for maintaining law and order in the village.

1. Look at Yalding Officials. Fill in details in your Family Information Chart (section 6) of any official duties that you have in Yalding.

2. Select one of the official jobs that you would have liked to have done. Explain why you have selected this job.

3. Sometimes people refused to accept the official post given to them by the Manor.