Felix Yusupov in 1914

Felix Yusupov was born in Russia in 1886. As a young man Yusupov married Irina Romanov, the niece of Nicholas II. Like many members of the Royal Court, Yusupov objected to the influence that Grigory Rasputin had over the Tsar and his wife, Alexandra Fedorovna.

Felix Yusupov

1. Was a strong supporter of Nicholas II and the autocracy.

2. Did not believe in universal suffrage.

3. Wanted the Russian government to deal harshly with those people demanding political reforms.

4. Thought Russia should support Serbia against the Triple Alliance.

5. Thought Russia should honour its obligations and support the Triple Entente against the Triple Alliance.

6. As the Russian Army was the largest army in the world he was convinced that Russia would defeat Austria-Hungary and Germany in a war.

7. If the Triple Entente defeated the Triple Alliance, Russia would gain control of Posen, Silesia, Galicia, North Bukovina and the Dardanelles.