Spartacus Review

Volume 50: 28th November, 2010

Media Studies

Title: Fool Britannia

Author: Sue Blackhall


Publisher: Pen & Sword

Price: £10.39

Bookshop: Amazon

Spartacus Website: Journalism


Shoppers barred because they don't fit the bill, motorists targeted while real villains win the day, health and safety becoming a sick joke and Big Brother putting a dampener on our freedom, fun and fancies. Yes, we have become a country so politically correct that just about everything we do is criminal. The 'Thought Police' that blight every institution ranging from education and energy to councils and churches now have such a rigid rule book that everyday living is a hazard to us all. Does it all make you so irate that you want to emmigrate? Or do just laugh off the eccentricities that are forever England? (Oh and Ireland, Scotland and Wales too!). In this book we have compiled the headline-hitting harrassment of ordinary folk over the year. We hope you can see the funny side of a 'Credit Crunch' country that is suffering from 'Credibility Crunch' as well. Some tales are pitiful, some petty and some just downright pedantic - but all all echo to the refrains of Fool Britannia..