Spartacus Review

Volume 20: 12th June, 2008


Title: The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

Author: George Johnson


Publisher: Bodley Head

Price: £14.99

Bookshop: Amazon

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From the universally praised New York Times science writer George Johnson, an irresistible book on the ten most fascinating experiments in the history of science—moments when a curious soul posed a particularly eloquent question to nature and received a crisp, unambiguous reply: Galileo: The Way Things Really Move; William Harvey: Mysteries of the Heart; Isaac Newton: What a Colour Is; Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier: The Farmer’s Daughter; Luigi Galvini: Animal Electricity; Michel Faraday: Something Deeply Hidden; James Joule: How the World Works; A. Michelson: Lost in Space; Ivan Pavlov: Measuring the Immeasurable and Robert Millikan: In the Borderland.