Spartacus Review

Volume 12: 10th February, 2008


Title: Shadows of the Gunmen


Editor: Danine Farquharson & Sean Farrell

Publisher: Cork University Press

Price: £25.00

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Scholars have long understood the key roles played by violence in the making of modern Ireland. In recent years, studies on violence have become increasingly creative and sophisticated, as scholars have used new analytical lenses to confront the real challenges faced in "writing violence." Much of the best work in this new literature examines the complex relationships between violence and its representation. "Shadows of the Gunmen" provides a coherent introduction to the latest scholarship. The essays from historians, film scholars, literary critics, and philosophers, "Shadows of the Gunmen" is both relevant to the particular Irish experience and the broader contemporary world. Violence may not speak, but violence is represented and these depictions are continually interrogated and/or contested in public and private arenas across Ireland and abroad. This volume of essays will explore and probe the connection between political/historical violence and aesthetic representations of such violence. The first interdisciplinary study of violence and the modern Irish experience, "Shadows of the Gunmen" is a major contribution to both Irish studies and the broader examination of violence in the modern world.